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Plastic packaging division has been started to produce special materials for packaging in the food industry and for many other products in the Kenyan market with the help of Film Laminator and Flexographic Printer. Apart from these we have extrusion line and sealing and packing machines.

With our extrusion lines sinergically conceived with our clients, several products of daily use are obtained: the shopper or carrier bags, refuse sacks, thermo shrinkable film, stretch films, bags for vacuum controlled atmosphere food packaging, film for diapers, co-extruded film for the most diversified packaging applications and for agricultural applications.

We also offer one of the widest extrusion range for LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, and special resins that are recognized, to be top level of specialization with options, and concepts to comply with the most, diversified and demanding market requirements.

Plastic Products:

We are manufacturers of polythene bags, sheeting, tubing, shrink wrap, carrier bags, polythene pots, sleeves, gloves for medical use in hospitals.

Our products cater for various sectors of economy as follows:

1. Agricultural Sector
Pots for seedlings, sheeting for covering tunnels, for green houses, and for silage, yellow sheeting for drying beans, coffee beans etc.

2. Manufacturing Sector
Liners for use in sugar bags, fertilizer bags, bags for packing salt, for wrapping bread, wrapping meat.



3. Textile Industries
For packing and covering blankets, mattresses, yarn, fabric rolls, etc.

4. Construction Industry
For damp roofing coarse in laying foundations, for roofing to stop water seepage.

5. Packing Industries

6. For general packing i.e. shrink wrap for wrapping fast moving consumer goods.

7. Dry Cleaning
For covering suits, clothes, etc by laundries and hotels

8. Shoe Factories & Hotels
As carrier bags i.e. Laundry bags and shirt bags.

9. Domestic Use
Bags for packing food

10. General Uses
I. Sheeting for use in tanneries, silage
II. Bags for use in Chemical Industries
III. Shopping bags
IV. Gloves for hospitals

All the above are available according to customer specifications i.e. size, gauge, colour and printing.

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