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  3. Plastic packaging
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The Detergent plant is a state-of-the-art processing plant for manufacturing powder detergents. The Ballestra stainless steel spray tower is used to spray the detergent slurry to ensure uniform and free flowing powder both white and blue. The slurry preparation is automated and is through a PLC which ensures slurry of consistent properties, which In turn ensure powder of consistent quality. Additionally there is post blending facility which gives the major advantage of handling raw materials which are not thermally stable. The spray tower is used in producing products which have diverse properties in terms of active content. Most kinds of surfactants can be incorporated into the formulation which is a key in today’s world taking into consideration the varied requirement of the market. the stainless steel tower ensures that product changeover from blue to white powder Is both efficient, fast and prevents any sort of product contamination. The spray tower is built with 8 spray nozzles which ensure the optimum fuel consumption and uniform product quality. Products of diverse range of bulk density can be manufactured based on the market requirement. We offer our customers quality products of their choice at a most competitive price.



The above factors make us the best option for all your powder detergent requirements. we undertake toll manufacturing and we can assist you starting from the formulation to the finished product stage. Currently we are associated with major industries in Kenya for the detergent powder requirements.
We have modern packing line for handling various types of packaging methods. The machinery includes Form Fill and Pack, cup filler Shrink Wrap, Ink jet coding etc. The capacity of the plant is 30,000 mt. per annum. We can pack varied sizes starting from 20 gram sachets to 50 kg bags.

The Soap division is well equipped with a Mazoni soap processing plant that includes a sigma mixer, refining plodders to ensure soap bulk is homogenious before extrusion , extruder and a stamper.

The soap stamping machine and is capable of handling a capacity of up to 10,000mt per annum. We also have a selander plant that is capable of extruding beautifully marbled luxurious soap . The plant has online modern flow wrappers, coders and shrinkwrapping machines.
We apply Kaizen philosophy throughout our manufacturing processes for continue Improvement so as to handle the many challenges that face us.

The products from this plant include

The products are:
1. Detergent Powder and Liquid
2. Toilet soap tablets (perfumed and non-perfumed0 and laundry soap
3. Scouring Powder
4. Liquid Disinfectant
5. Hand gel
6. Boiler water treatment chemicals
7. Petroleum Jelly

We also take toll manufacturing activity. We are associated with many of the well known companies in Kenya for toll manufacturing activities.

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